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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 07, 2015 ) Clearwater, FL -- Wild Naturals COO, Samantha Levy, reports users of their Face Cream Moisturizer have been reporting their success with the product. "We've been so happy to hear what our users have had to say. We put a lot of time and thought into crafting our products, with an eye toward quality and positive effects for the skin. This cream is part of that lineup, and we've been ecstatic our users are finding it so beneficial." Ms. Levy adds that all Wild Naturals products are made entirely with all-natural and ingredients and are engineered to deliver powerful, effective results. "We use organic aloe vera as our base," she says, "and we insist that it deliver on the promise of a healing cream. The cream is made with all-natural ingredients, which consist primarily of organic, food-grade nutrients, then we blend them to a combination formulated to provide soothing and fortification for your skin." According to Ms. Levy the skin cream is a light, non-greasy formula, and is made with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed by the skin.

    Ms. Levy also adds that their Wild Naturals customers have reported positive results with the Manuka Honey Face Cream Moisturizer for such conditions as dry skin, fine lines and anti-aging, sunburns, itchy skin, reddened or irritated skin, and even bug bites, minor wounds and burns. According to Ms. Levy stretch marks and scars, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis are also treated.

    "Aloe Vera is the base," she says. "No water is added. In fact Aloe vera is the key ingredient, as it acts a a natural carrier to deliver the other ingredients deep into the skin, to the cellular level. Water sits on the surface. Aloe vera penetrates. It's nature's original skin cream and we take advantage of that. Aloe penetrates, taking the formula and nutrients directly into the skin. No mineral oils are added, no alcohol, no fragrances, parebens or harsh chemicals. Our Manuka Honey Face Cream Moisturizer is pH balanced to match skin, and lasts up to twelve (12) hours and will not wash off."

    Ms. Levy reports that vitamins A, B, C, and E are also part of the formula, plus a special grade of blue green algae. This specific algae delivers trace minerals directly to the cells of the skin. "So much good stuff. To the formula we also add organic oils, which work with the skin's natural biology. Oils like hemp seed oil, coconut and olive oil. Our customers are having great success with this cream," says Ms. Levy. "I'm confident you will too."

    Manuka Honey Face Cream Moisturizer by Wild Naturals is available on Amazon.

    About Wild Naturals

    Wild Naturals is a provider of natural skin care products, and is dedicated to making organic, chemical-free products that really work, using only the best natural ingredients.

    Philip Jepsen

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 07, 2015 ) Calgary, AB -- Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the US. Nearly 132,700 new cases of colorectal cancer occur annually. Just over half — nearly 69,100 — occur in men, while just over 63,600 occur in women. One research study, published in Gut a leading international journal in gastroenterology, found that consumption of omega 3 fatty acids aided in colon cancer prevention by reducing the size and number of rectal polyps—a risk factor for colon cancer. Most cases of colon cancer begin as small, noncancerous (benign) clumps of cells called adenomatous polyps. Over time some of these polyps become colon cancers.

    Research author and Sangmi Kim, Ph.D. a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Environapamental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, N.C. stated, " Experimental data have shown benefits of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in colorectal carcinogenesis, ranging from reduced tumor growth, suppression of angiogenesis and inhibition of metastasis. Our finding of inverse association between dietary intakes of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and distal large bowel cancer in white participants adds additional support to the hypothesis."

    The researchers studied the link between omega fatty acid intake and distal large bowel cancer using data from a population-based control study. They recruited 1,872 (929 cancer cases and 943 controls) using the State Cancer Registry and Division of Motor Vehicles records.

    Using a validated food frequency questionnaire, nineteen omega fatty acids were assessed. The researchers used the questionnaire to collect information on the frequency and amount of foods typically consumed in the past 12 months. Patients who consumed more long-chain omega-3 fatty acids had a reduced risk of distal large bowel cancer. Compared to the lowest quartile, fat intake in the highest quartile was linked with a 39 percent reduced risk of cancer. The research concluded that an increase in dietary intake of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, maybe beneficial in the prevention of distal large bowel cancer.

    About Nutriden Inc.

    Nutriden is privately held company that was formed to help people the world over adapt to a healthy lifestyle using Omega 3 fatty acids and nutritional supplements as an integral part of that lifestyle.

    Nutriden is committed to providing it's clients and customers a brand of Nutraceuticals (Nutritional Supplements) that is first and foremost safe and of the highest quality, potency and efficacy.

    Core corporate values embraced by Nutriden as an integral part of its ethical and social responsibility include a commitment to sustainable practices and the development of philanthropic partnership with the community at large and in harmony with its mission objective.

    Media Requests
    1 (844) 466-8874

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 07, 2015 ) New York, New York -- Thermalabs has announced a $10.00 discount on the Ultimitt. This means that an Ultimitt buyer saves 50% from the initial price of $20.00. Thermalabs has also offered free shipping on orders over $35.

    Thermalabs has just announced a promotion whereby customers get the Ultimate Tanning Applicator Mitttt free after they purchase the Golden Standard Natural Self Tanner. The Ultimitt is the latest product released by the New York based company. According to Thermalabs, the Ultimitt is a self tanning applicator mitt that was designed to solve the problem of all other mitts in the market. It comes with a poly-bag. The product doesn't crack or fall apart. Moreover, it doesn't rip, stretch or break. Thermalabs has also made a crazy 1 year guarantee offer.

    Piling a 50% discount on this self tanner will likely excite customers, thus triggering more sales for the company on Amazon. The Golden Standard natural self tanner is 97% natural and 70% organic. The freebie, Thermalab's Ultimitt - is a soft mitt made using a premium microfiber material. Thermalabs has made the product big enough to fit in one's hands comfortably without being too tight or too lose.

    Of all Thermalab's products, Ultimitt is the most recent. The product has managed to follow in the footsteps of the Natural Self Tanner and the Self Tan Towelettes. Thermalabs is one of the most prominent new companies in the beauty and skin-care industry.

    Thermalabs marketing co-cordinator, Alex Howard, said "We have just announced a great new discount on our number one product, the Ultimitt. For every unit of this product that you purchase, you save 10 dollars. We are planning more discounts and sales offers in the coming days. Stay tuned and keep it Thermalabs."

    About Thermalabs

    Thermalabs was created with a vision to create a skin cancer free world. Their products provide users the freedom of getting an attractive tan without having to worry about skin cancer. In their ongoing effort to become the best self-tanning brand in the world, the company strives to create products that are the best they can be best in every way. All these products are easy to use, and they provide the license to look beautiful and feel healthy at the same time.

    Alex Howard
    (877) 266-6257

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Happy Makeup Customers

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 07, 2015 ) Tampa, Florida -- Lauren Taylor Cosmetics is pleased to announce they will be releasing their "Have a Look" Eyebrow Kit early this summer.

    The LTC marketing team took care to survey women of all ages to determine what would be most looked for in an Eyebrow Kit. And what were the most common answers? A single unit with each of the following: angled application brush, attached mirror, clear eyebrow setting wax, more than one shade of pressed power that can be used for dark or light hair, which mixed well and looked great if used together to create definition.

    In keeping with their company aims, LTC wanted to ensure their Eyebrow Kit was a high quality product that matched what was being looked for and not just another inexpensive version of the imported dime-store makeup found in most chain retail stores.

    A spokesperson said, "We are very excited about our Have a Look line and very much look forward to releasing our first Eyebrow Kit this summer. We know women will love it. And this is just one of many more makeup products we are bringing to market."

    The "Have a Look" product line already includes a high-end waterproof liquid eyeliner. Customer reviews show it to be a big hit with many saying it is the best eyeliner they have ever used and they would buy it again.

    The Lauren Taylor Cosmetics products are currently only available through online stores such as Amazon.

    Lauren Taylor Cosmetics stands by their products with a full satisfaction guarantee as stated in their advertising.

    About Lauren Taylor Cosmetics

    Lauren Taylor Cosmetics is a manufacturer and distributor of fine beauty products including their new "Have a Look" eyeliner at

    Mary Campbell
    727 266-5960

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 07, 2015 ) Steamboat Springs, Colorado -- In a recent communication to shareholders, SmarterLife Products® LLC confirmed that its SmarterLife Products® Exercise Ball & Hand Pump Set is accumulating a large number of very favorable customer reviews on the company's product listing page.

    Tim DePuy, co-founder of SmarterLife Products® LLC, made this statement in recent interview appearing in a popular eCommerce journal, "As a relative newcomer, it is both gratifying and thrilling to see the type of response we are receiving from our customers… And in both key areas – product reviews and seller feedback. This confirms that there is room in this crowded marketplace for a company that assembles a well thought out, highly selective offering of smart products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, which is our mission."

    "It also confirms the hours of market and product research in which we invested resonates in the marketplace. We feel this is our competitive advantage. The behemoth sporting goods retailers cannot afford to toil on any single product the way we did with the SmarterLife Products® Exercise Ball & Hand Pump Set, and as we will with all future product launches."

    SmarterLife Products® was started when co-founders Jan & Tim DePuy realized that it was hard to find purposefully-made items that were good for people and good for the environment. While available in the marketplace, no one had brought them together into one place, which was the impetus for the creation of the company.

    Ms. DePuy added "We like to think of ourselves as the scrappy, but smart, underdog fighting to bring our customers great things that can help them achieve their goals for health, fitness and life. Creating great products takes time, and we're all about putting in the hours. We know becoming your most trusted source won't happen overnight, but we're excited about the journey."

    About SmarterLife Products® LLC

    SmarterLife Products is a family owned, Colorado based company that sources or creates the very best eco-friendly fitness, health and lifestyle products for people who want to live smarter. The founders started the company when they realized that it was hard to find purposefully-made items that were good for humans and good for the environment. They're out there, but no one had brought them together into one place. So they stepped in. Their goal is to make it easy for people to find exactly what they need in order to live healthier, happier and smarter.

    Mitt Davidsen
    (844) 880-4100

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Dhyana Yoga Toe Socks

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 07, 2015 ) Melbourne, VIC -- Yoga is a way to fitness and mental calm with a history that can be traced back thousands of years. With growing interest in it in many diverse circles many people are hungry for as much quality information they can get on the subject as possible. Recently, Dhyana Fitness, a company that specializes in yoga products, announced in an effort to spread "good yoga" they are offering access to 70 free yoga training videos to every customer who purchases a pair of their best selling Dhyana Yoga Socks for Women. The response from customers has been very enthusiastic.

    "We love to have the chance to offer our Yoga Training videos to customers," commented a spokesperson from the company. "Learning new things or how to better perform fundamental poses is a huge part of growing in yoga. And if we can help in a small way, we would love to."

    According to Dhyana Fitness, the 70 videos were all put together by a masterly skilled yoga instructor with a clear emphasis on good technique, safety and being easy to follow.

    The Dhyana Yoga Toe Socks for Women, the company's best selling product, are clearly able to be used following the poses in the video making it a wonderful package for someone interested in learning yoga while also having a reliable, attractive and comfortable pair of yoga socks they can count on.

    Feedback from customers has been passionate.

    Sarah C., from California, recently said, "The yoga videos from Dhyana are awesome. It was an unexpected bonus when I bought their yoga toes socks and I couldn't be happier. Five stars and fully recommended!"

    About Dhyana Fitness

    Dhyana Fitness is an Australian based womens fitness company committed to creating unique yoga, pilates and exercise products that provide an alternative to convention and exceed expectations for quality and style.

    Troy Muir

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 08, 2015 ) This study report helps suppliers in the food and soft drinks industry to proactively approach new clients to help them in their businesses and identify their progress gaps in the market. The report is a comprehensive guide to help suppliers and ingredient manufacturers analyze and identify the significant market trends that will determine the overall nature of ingredient demand in the global market over the next five years.
    Full Report With TOC at
    Consumers are offered many opportunities with regard to experimental and novel food and drinks. The study identifies key consumer groups such as gender, wealth classes, groups according to the availability of leisure time, and key age groups for each trend in this market. It also analyzes the various ways manufacturers have been reacting to the consumer demands of more natural and healthy food.
    As more consumers become increasingly health-conscious and busy, feeling exhausted about cooking meals every day, they are eventually turning to convenient ready-to-eat-meal and beverage options to consume a healthier diet. Such demands have highlighted the presence and demand for health-enhancing ingredients such as ‘magic-bullet’ products and health solutions in the global market. These health-enhancing ingredients are growing at a steady pace.
    For generations, people have looked for new and exciting flavors to get a wide array of choices to further push the boundaries with different tastes and experiences from international cuisines. This urge has introduced many consumers to new and novel practices such as employing unusual flavors or nostalgic connections to accompany their consumption of natural and healthy food ingredients.
    Identifying the new & novel ingredient trends to shape new product development in the Food & Soft Drinks industries is a new report added by ResearchMoz to its extensive database. Starting from ingredients, manufacturers, and retailers, the report helps determine the key areas of research and development investment to realize the business insights and relevant forms of consumer trends.
    Request A Sample The Report at
    Through the ‘Identifying the new & novel ingredients to shape new product development in the Food & Soft Drinks industries’ report, the study focuses on how current trends are influencing the specific formulations of the products to bring new flavors into the market. Globally, this has remarkably increased consumer reliance on FMCG products in order for them to get adapted to new product developments in the food and beverages industry.
    This report will benefit manufacturers in the food and ingredients industries at every stage, as it provides a detailed insight into the current and emerging trends in ingredient demands from consumers, also covering the seven most crucial trends that are influencing the formulation demands from consumers.
    About Us
    ResearchMoz is the one stop online destination to find and buy market research reports & Industry Analysis.We fulfill all your research needs spanning across industry verticals with our huge collection of market research reports.We provide our services to all sizes of organizations and across all industry verticals and markets.Our Research Coordinators have in-depth knowledge of reports as well as publishers and will assist you in making an informed decision by giving you unbiased and deep insights on which reports will satisfy your needs at the best price.
    90 Sate Street, Suite 700
    Albany, NY 12207
    Tel: +1-518-618-1030
    USA, Canada Toll Free: 866-997-4948
    Email: sales(at)researchmoz(dot)us rn


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    Turnberry International Realty


    Limited Edition Living


    Pompano Beach Real Real Estate Agent

    Pompano Beach Realtor
    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 08, 2015 ) Pompano Beach, FL -- Pompano Beach ,FL, - Nathaniel Crawford of the Limited Edition Living Team at Turnberry International Realty recently announced that Turnberry, based in Aventura, Florida, is offering private and confidential buyer and seller representation services to clients interested in Pompano Beach real estate. The Limited Edition Living Team has provided clients representation and consultation at numerous other exclusive locations throughout South Florida including Pompano is a natural continuation of that standard.

    As a Realtor and resident of Pompano Beach Nathaniel understands the value of having a Pompano Beach real estate agent that is familiar with the community. "Now is a great time to buy or sell real estate in Pompano Beach." Nathaniel says "There's an incredible amount of international interest in South Florida and I believe that there are great investment opportunities in the Pompano Beach condos for sale as well as the Pompano Beach homes for sale."

    Pompano Beach offers some of the most attractive beach and waterfront living in South Florida and is widely regarded as one of Florida's premier sport fishing destinations, as well as nautical and beach living communities. Pompano has been featured in CNN, Money and the Wall Street Journal as one of the top vacation home markets. The city's redevelopment agency (CRA) is currently implementing the redevelopment of east Atlantic Boulevard and its nearby beaches. This construction and redevelopment is creating walks and gathering spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as beach-oriented retail outlets and entertainment venues, which promotes a classy on-street café atmosphere, with wide sidewalks for outside dining

    About Turnberry International Realty:
    Turnberry International Realty is a premier boutique real estate agency that markets luxury properties in South Florida. Founded in 1978, Turnberry has assisted in the sale of billions of dollars in some of the most exclusive developments in South Florida, be it new construction, resale or commercial real estate.

    The Limited Edition Living team is a unique entity that serves clients' high-end residential, commercial and investment real estate needs. "Nathaniel Crawford and Limited Edition Living provide a very valuable and unique skill set that has been a welcome addition to Turnberry," says Turnberry International Realty Broker, Seth Kaufman. "They are marketing-focused, innovative and tech-savvy and always looking for unique ways to add value and exclusivity to the clients' experience. Their partnerships and performance in today's real estate market are perfect examples of that."

    Nathaniel Crawford

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Highlights of the best meat thermometer by GSA Products, LTD

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 08, 2015 ) Westfield, IN -- GSA Products, LTD has announced the launch of their new product, an: Internal Meat Thermometer. These meat thermometers are available from Amazon, who are well-known for their great customer service and offer a secure shopping experience. Don't expect them to last in inventory long.

    "Our meat thermometers are extremely fast and accurate," explains Gerry Abell, from GSA Products, LTD. "In 4-5 seconds an accurate temperature will be read to within +/-2 degrees Fahrenheit, where the typical meat thermometer can take upwards of 15 seconds to make an accurate reading. Plus this thermometer has a large digital display and can hold the temperature even after removing it".

    The GSA Products, LTD meat thermometer is both CE and RoHS certified which means they do not contain any hazardous materials. They are made with an anti-microbial thermoplastic shell that helps prevent bacterial growth.

    "Our meat thermometers have been designed for durability and ease of use," adds Abell. "You'll never have to worry about leaving the thermometer turned on as it has an automatic shutoff feature and after ten minutes of non-use it will turn itself off and save your battery.

    Customers who have purchased the meat thermometers are full of praise. They have been particularly impressed with how quick and accurate it really is. Additionally, people really enjoy how easy it is to use. Comments such as "My husband and I love that it turns itself off when you close it. Also a big fan of the "hold" feature. Definitely much nicer to use then the non-digital thermometers…". They are also backed with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

    About GSA Products, LTD

    GSA Products, LTD is the maker of the best meat thermometers and accessories for the kitchen, campsite or grill.

    Gerry Abell

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 08, 2015 ) Owatonna, MN -- Just in time for Mother's Day, Unique Finds MN, retailer of premium quality health, beauty and home life products, is excited to introduce a new product, BellaVoeux 100% Pure Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. This product is a 4 fluid ounce bottle of 100% Pure Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. Argan Oil is extracted by hand from the fruit of the Argan Tree which is only found in the country of Morocco. Argan oil has become a popular beauty ingredient due to its versatility and multiple uses.

    Argan oil can be used for many applications. This oil can be used to make hair shiny and less frizzy. Moroccan Argan Oil can be used to help alleviate dry scalp. It can also be used to soften cuticles and soothe cracked, dry hands and feet. Argan oil can also be used as a moisturizer.

    The reason Argan oil works so well is because it has vitamin A & E, essential fatty acids and phenols. Vitamin E contributes to the development of all body systems and attracts and holds hydration and is considered to be a powerful antioxidant. Essential fatty acids are fats that are necessary in the body but the body can't make on its own. These fatty acids protect cellular integrity and can also help prevent loss of moisture. Vitamin A is also considered to have antioxidant properties. Phenols are also known for their antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and anti-aging properties.

    BellaVoeux 100% Pure Certified Organic Argan Oil is available in Amazon for $19.99. The company also offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on every product with no questions asked.

    About Unique Finds MN

    Unique Finds MN is a privately held retailer of premium quality health, beauty and home life products.

    Mitchell Turner

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 08, 2015 ) San Francisco, CA -- The WOD Nation Double Under is the jump rope of choice by CrossFit trainers and coaches around the world, allowing athletes to master double unders easier and experience quicker results.

    Extensive research has resulted in a speed rope for CrossFit, boxing and endurance training with a unique design. It features superfast metal bearings for fewer missed swings. It's fully adjustable for adults and children, allowing correct sizing to accommodate any height.

    The WOD Nation double under jump rope requires nothing more than a pair of wire cutters for accurate sizing. The innovative rope has a slider design that prevents kinks and catches, a serious impediment for those attempting double unders.

    The design ensures that the grips won't slip, even after it's been resized. It eliminates break-in times since the athlete is already familiar with the rope and how it performs. The jump rope offers superior stability, allowing athletes to trim minutes off their workout times and recover quickly should they perform and inaccurate swing.

    Most athletes use a box rope and while they're adequate for beginners, serious athletes require superior equipment. The easy swing and spin of the WOD Nation rope assists individuals in mastering double unders with alacrity. The rope also helps minimize troublesome forward kicks or back kicks while learning to double under.

    Double unders provide athletes with serious conditioning power, building endurance, speed, accuracy and coordination that can be utilized in other exercises and endeavors. They help build the physical body in the desired manner and stimulate neurological activity.

    The extra cable, hardware and carrying case that comes with every WOD Nation double under jump rope are extras that make this jump rope practical to use and easy to organize. It's the appropriate rope for serious athletes performing consecutive double unders and those committed to beating their own workout times. .

    About WOD Nation

    WOD Nation is a United States based company that provides workout gear to elite athletes. All of the company's fitness products are rigorously tested by athletes around the world to ensure they meet the demands of intense exercise programs. WOD Nation's website can be found at

    Matt Stanton

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) San Francisco, CA -- CrossFit Chiang Mai Thailand Trainer, Barry Lavis, demonstrates how to stretch before and after squats for better performance and fewer injuries in his new online video featuring WOD Nation resistance bands.

    Preparation accounts for a major portion of successful CrossFit training. In Barry Lavis' new video, he explains why stretching before and after squats is important and demonstrates the proper technique. Stretching is critical for opening the hips.

    Lavis has endorsed WOD Nation resistance bands for stretching and warm-ups CrossFit training. The bands are available in five strength levels beginning at 10-35 lbs. of resistance and increasing to 65-175 lbs. The bands are color coded, allowing athletes to individualize the amount of resistance required and they can be used in combination when desired.

    Stretching before squats is critical for opening the hips, allowing athletes to go deeper and assume the optimal stance for achieving successful squats. In the new video, viewers learn how to position the bands for maximum results. It's essential that athletes allow the bands to do the work of stretching while the individual remains passive.

    One of the biggest mistakes athletes make is thinking that brief warm-up work on a treadmill is sufficient, while others chose lunges to prepare. The reality is that individuals who subscribe to that mindset are setting themselves up for a variety of injuries in the hips, knees and lower back. Stretching with resistance bands is a no-stress way to avoid injuries.

    Squats are extremely effective for building strength and stability in the core and lower body that's useful in performing a variety of tasks. Attaining the proper form for performing squats is difficult and the technique can even elude elite athletes. Stretching is particularly beneficial for those who tend toward naturally tight hips.
    The hips represent some of the most powerful joints within the body, providing a pivot point to perform a wide variety of movements, actions and functions. When an athlete places demands on the body, it will try to accomplish whatever is asked of it, even to the detriment of other areas.

    Stretches with WOD Nation resistance bands perform another important function after athletes finish CrossFit training and workouts. They provide the means for the body to recover and transition back to its normal state. Training shortens the muscles through the process of creating small tears. Stretching after physical activity addresses those tears by lengthening the muscles and preventing scar tissue that can create permanent problems in the future.

    The release of Lavis' new video provides athletes with essential information about the benefits of stretching for squats and the best way to perform them. Lavis utilizes his extensive experience and WOD Nation resistance bands to provide athletes with safe and effective techniques for more powerful squats and reduced risk of injury.

    About WOD Nation

    WOD Nation is a United States based company that provides workout gear to elite athletes. All of the company's fitness products are rigorously tested by athletes around the world to ensure they meet the demands of intense exercise programs. WOD Nation's website can be found at

    Matt Stanton

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    How to use top-selling sleep mask

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) Clearwater, Florida -- Clearwater, Florida based PrimeEffects announced today the inclusion or a set of quality ear plugs with their Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask. According to primeeffects CEO, Philip Jepsen, the ear plugs store with the mask in a special holder on the strap so they stay with the mask when not in use.

    "There are two key obstacles to getting a good night's sleep," says Mr. Jepsen, "light and sound. Your typical sleep mask handles light, but most provide no solution for blocking sound. We now include top-quality ear plugs which provide a solution for that other obstacle to getting a good night's sleep. Our Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask is really now a Sleep System. With this system you'll be as isolated from the world as you possibly can be, free to relax into a peaceful rest or a deep sleep."

    Mr. Jepsen reports that the Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask is designed with form-fitting nose flaps, constructed specifically to seal the problem areas around the bridge of the nose. He says the mask is designed to conform to the shape of the individual user's head and face. The Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask fits all head sizes, from small child to extra-large adult, and it constructed of durable, high-quality material. The mask is designed to breathe, says Mr. Jepsen, so it won't ruin makeup.

    "We've made our Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask to last. The strap is elastic, adjustable, and is wide and comfortable and holds its shape." Mr. Jepsen adds: "We made sure to pay close attention to the interior lining. That's critical as it's the part of the mask in direct contact with the skin. We made it as soft and as comfortable as possible. It fits snug against your eyes and feels great where it comes in contact with your face. With the ear plugs and this mask you're all set for a good night's sleep."

    The Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask by PrimeEffects, with earplugs included, is available on Amazon.

    About PrimeEffects

    PrimeEffects specializes in finding and making available quality items that are in high demand, in attractive and useful packaging. Some items currently offered are Sleep Masks, High-power Magnets, All-Natural Skin Cream with Manuka Honey, a few high quality First Aid Kits, and more.

    Philip Jepsen

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) Mill Valley, CA -- Today, May 8ths, 2015, marks the beginning of Inflora Botanica's summer sale on their rosehip seed oil organic. Well known as a result of celebrity testimonials and other public endorsements, the oil is known as a moisturizing and healing beauty oil.

    Inflora Botanica's CEO states, "This promotion is to encourage everyone to take care of their skin through the summer months. The sun is high and strong and you don't want to burn. We always reiterate that the sun is healthy but burning is not. Enjoy the sun and take care of your skin."

    She further states "We know that discounted product is the best incentive for new customers. That is why we are putting on this promotion." Inflora Botanica has 170 reviews on Amazon and many of them are five star. The product is popular among individuals who appreciate that the product is organic, and that there are no other chemicals added. Inflora Botanica states the following about their rosehip seed oil, "nothing is added- no preservatives, no colorings, to adjuvants, no thickeners, no fragrances, nothing. It is 100% pure, unrefined, certified organic rosehip seed oil."

    Well known in Chile for many generations, the oil has only recently come on the scene in the US as a result of celebrity use and the growing trend and popularity of organic and natural skincare. It is reported that Cleopatra used the oil in her beauty regimen and since that time in South America, it has been a common ingredient in skincare or used at 100% strength. In the US, its popularity has been generated by celebrity endorsements- Miranda Kerr, Gwynyth Paltrow and the Duchess of Cambridge are all reported to use it.

    Inflora Botanica's oil is from rosehip seeds grown in Chile and/or South Africa and is pressed in those areas and imported into the US where it is sent to California to be distributed. At this time, Amazon is the main distribution outlet.

    The promotion is available to those who enter the code BLOOMING into the appropriate field when checking out on Amazon. There is a limit of one per customer, and the sale will end at midnight on May 8th, 2015.

    About Inflora Botanica

    Inflora Botanica believes that skin wellness can be supported through ingredients from nature. Their first product is certified organic rosehip seed oil. Their certified rose hydrosol is currently being launched.

    Jessica Stewart

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) Beaverton, OR -- The VegePal Spiralizer Mother’s Day Special Offer is ending soon. The Spiral Slicer is on sale for less 33.3% until 11 May 2015 or while stocks last at amazon provides a fast, reliable and highly efficient door to door delivery service.

    This Spiral cutter is a unique gift for busy Moms. It is easy to use and no assembly is required. The VegePal Spiral Slicer produces strands of vegetables that can be used to make elegant garnishes, it can also be used as a replacement for wheat based pasta or simply to make vegetables look more appealing on the plate or in a salad. This vegetable spiralizer is for every Mom who wishes to reduce the family's carbohydrate intake. Use it to make zucchini 'pasta' or 'noodles' (zoodles). One can add ones favourite pasta sauces to the vegetable ‘pasta' or add vegetable ‘noodles' to ones favourite stir fry's. The VegePal Spiralizer makes healthy food preparation an easy and fun task for the busy Mom.

    This slicer will appeal to everyone following a healthy eating plan, be it Gluten-free, Paleo, Primal, Low Carb Healthy Fat(LCHF), Raw Food, Vegan or Vegetarian, the VegePal Veggie slicer makes for a useful kitchen gadget.

    The hand-held Spiral Slicer requires no assembly. To clean, it can be placed in the top rack of a dishwasher or simply rinsed under the tap, using the supplied brush if necessary. It is compact enough to store in a kitchen drawer.

    The VegePal Spiral Slicer comes with a cleaning brush and a free eBook when purchasing on Amazon. The eBook contains some of VegePal's favorite recipes, and tips and techniques on how to best use the VegePal Spiral Slicer. The recipes contained in the eBook have all been tested in the VegePal kitchen.

    The Spiral Slicer has high quality sharp stainless steel blades in two julienne sizes for creating vegetable 'spaghetti' or Asian noodles (1/16" x 3/32" or 2mm x 3mm), or 'linguine' and 'tagliatelle' (1/8" x 3/16" or 3.5mm x 5mm). These spiral sizes are clearly indicated on each end of stainless steel handles. The body is BPA-free ABS plastic.

    Further information is available via the email address below.

    About VegePal

    VegePal is a kitchen products company focusing on tools that facilitate the preparation of healthy food.

    Amy Pandro

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) San Francisco, CA -- CrossFit Chiang Mai trainer, Barry Lavis, has announced the release of his new video demonstrating the proper employment of WOD Nation fitness bands lat stretches to achieve better results and reduce the potential for serious injury.

    Barry Lavis is one of the most respected CrossFit and Olympic trainers in the world. In his new video, Lavis demonstrates the proper stretching techniques for lats, explains why they're an essential part of any athlete's pre-training routine, and proper positioning of WOD Nation fitness bands to accomplish the exercise.

    Lavis noted that it's critical for athletes to let the WOD Nation bands do the work of stretching. Not doing so is a mistake that many athletes make and one that can lead to serious damage and injury. Warm-ups and stretches shouldn't be addressed as an exercise, per se, but a method of preparation. Neglecting the importance of stretching isn't just a mistake that novices make.

    Stretching with the WOD Nation resistance bands helps build muscle strength and enhances the movements that athletes perform. Intense workouts shorten the muscles and create small tears. Beginning a workout for the lats with stretching helps athletes achieve greater flexibility, strength and endurance, while improving muscle and joint mobility and facilitating a greater range of motion.
    The WOD Nation resistance bands. in the process by providing individuals with five levels of resistance from which to choose. Resistance levels are available ranging from 10-35 lbs. to a maximum of 65-175 lbs. They're color coded and can be used singly or in combination to tailor stretching to the individual. Stretching the lats requires little time and can be accomplished in a mere 30 to 60 seconds.

    The lats extend across each side of the back. They allow the arms to move to and from the body and provide stabilization while performing a variety of actions. Stretching the lats has short-term and long-term benefits including improved appearance and posture, and decreased soreness. They're especially beneficial for swimmers and athletes participating in sports that require throwing-type movements.

    Tight lats are a primary cause of injuries within the general population. Weekend sports enthusiasts and do-it-yourself homeowners are the most frequent sufferers and those injuries can lead to chronic shoulder and back pain. Even though athletes work out regularly and are in better physical condition, they're still subject to injury if they don't adequately stretch.

    Lavis' new video demonstrates how anyone can help avoid damage to the lats by stretching with the WOD Nation resistance bands. The techniques employed by Lavis can be used by anyone who will be putting their lats under stress to significantly reduce the potential for injury.

    About WOD Nation

    WOD Nation is a United States based company that provides workout gear to elite athletes. All of the company's fitness products are rigorously tested by athletes around the world to ensure they meet the demands of intense exercise programs. WOD Nation's website can be found at

    Matt Stanton

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) San Francisco, CA -- Barry Lavis of CrossFit Chiang Mai in Thailand explains the benefits of hip flexor stretches utilizing WOD Nation resistance bands demonstrates how to perform them correctly in his new instructional video.

    As a certified USAW Olympic Weightlifting coach and CrossFit trainer, Barry Lavis has seen firsthand the damage that athletes can sustain when they choose to eliminate adequate stretching from their pre-workout routines. To aid individuals in reducing the risk of injury, he takes on the topic of hip flexor stretches, the benefits and the techniques for accomplishing them correctly.

    Lavis has endorsed the WOD Nation resistance bands for hip flexor stretches to prepare athletes for CrossFit training. The bands are color coded for easy resistance selection and can be combined to accommodate the greatest range of conditioning and ability. Just 10 reps are all that's needed when performed properly. Athletes just need to apply gentle pressure and let the bands do the work.

    The CrossFit trainer and coach noted that obtaining the right level of resistance is one of the biggest problems for athletes, but not with the WOD Nation bands. The bands are available in five different resistance levels, from 10-35 lbs. and increase to 65-175 lbs.

    Hip flexors are critical for movement, making it possible for people to bend at the waist, lift their knees and kick. Hip flexors provide alignment for the hips and lower back. They're some of the most powerful muscles in the body and can cause some of the biggest problems if they're damaged. They're especially important for those involved in body building, weight lifting, martial arts and activities that require explosive actions.

    Individuals from all walks of life are participating in the benefits that CrossFit training provides, but stretching the hip flexors is critical for people whose work requires them to sit for long periods of time. The potential for injury is also elevated for those with poor posture and individuals who haven't developed sufficient core and pelvic stability.

    Lavis noted that some athletes experience a clicking noise in the hips, but they shouldn't panic. The cause is typically a joint condition or disorder rather than an injury. Injured hip flexors will be felt in the front part of the hip or in the upper groin area where the thigh and pelvis meet.

    An injury can keep an athlete out of training for up to eight weeks, depending on the severity. The new video by Lavis helps individuals train safely and reduce the potential for injury with easy to understand instruction and demonstrations of the proper form and techniques for hip flexor stretches.

    About WOD Nation

    WOD Nation is a United States based company that provides workout gear to elite athletes. All of the company's fitness products are rigorously tested by athletes around the world to ensure they meet the demands of intense exercise programs. WOD Nation's website can be found at

    Matt Stanton

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    A Basic Orange Energy Drink plus 4 Essential Ingredients For Any Home Made Energy Drink for being properly hydrated during sports, outdoors, adventure activities and traveling.

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) Portland, Oregon -- Staying hydrated during outdoors activities is essential. That´s why PowerPere collaborated with Kimberly Turner from Cooking With Kimberly to create a video about a Basic Orange Energy Drink and 4 Essential Ingredients for any Energy Drink.

    "We wanted to share Easy and Home Made Energy Drink recipes with our customers to keep them hydrated and energized, during their outdoors and sports activities while using our collapsible water bottle. It is important for us that our customers are healthy and hydrated. That´s why we created this video and a free Bonus Ebook when purchasing our bpa free, foldable water bottle via Amazon", commented a spokesperson from PowerPere.

    Making Energy Drinks at home is an easy, healthier and cheaper alternative to buying energy drinks at the store. Homemade energy drinks are especially good and a healthier alternative to commercial energy drinks which carry various health risks.

    PowerPere shares a recipe and tells the 4 essential ingredients any energy drink should contain in the video. Being properly hydrated helps preventing muscle fatigue, dizziness, loss of balance and coordination and exhaustion. These are symptoms no one should experience while being on the go or while hiking, climbing, camping or biking.

    Customer Claire Jordan recommends using the collapsible water bottle for the recipes: "This bottle is so convenient! I paddle in six-person outrigger canoes and hydration is a necessity, but the last thing you want is empty water bottles rolling around inside the hull. This is bottle is perfect... I clip it's carabiner to a strap on my seat and because it's soft plastic it doesn't bang against the boat when it swings around and when it's empty it takes up no room at all. I can also see taking this bottle hiking and easily tucking it into a pocket when it's empty. This bottle is so smart. Let's hope that someday all water bottles will be this functional and efficient."

    About PowerPere

    PowerPere is an outdoors and travel product company providing their customers with their popular product, a collapsible and reusable water bottle.

    Angela Davis
    (503) 402-2031-2031

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) London, United Kingdom -- TLV Fitness has made an announcement today for cyclists to achieve peak performance, an exercise program preparing the muscles prior to getting on the bike and after coming off the bike.

    It is essential to do myofascial release and trigger point massage work to reduce the buildup of toxins pre ride and post ride to decrease or prevent inflammation.
    The exercise program below is designed specifically for cyclists who want to achieve peak performance without having to worry about stopping during their rides due to painful cramps and fatigued muscles that are not firing.

    • Calf Massage

    Place the right upper calf on top of the foam roller and the left calf on top of the right lower leg. For support place the hands on the floor by the sides of the body. Keep shoulders down and slightly together. Gently move forwards and back on the floor rolling the calf on top of the foam roller down to the Achilles tendon.

    If there is a tender spot in the calf, gently apply more pressure and rub the affected area up and down on the foam roller along the muscle fibers until the pain goes away. Continue to roll on the inner and outer parts of the calves on both legs until there is some relief.

    • Quadriceps Massage

    Place the foam roller under the front of the thighs. Using the arms, slowly move the body forward and backwards along the thighs. Breathe normally keeping the legs relaxed. Repeat this process for as long as it is comfortable and does not cause pain. This exercise can be progressed by crossing the legs and massaging one thigh at a time.

    • Hamstrings Massage

    To massage the hamstrings with a foam roller begin by sitting on the foam roller with the soft, meaty part of the buttocks directly on top of the roller.
    Begin slowly rolling back and forth and slightly side to side to release any tight spots in the muscle.
    Slowly roll down the leg toward the knee and feel the hamstrings releasing, pausing for a few seconds at any sore spots. Change position from side to side to work the entire muscle.
    Increase or decrease pressure by using one or both legs at a time and roll with feet turned in and out to cover the entire muscle group.

    • Upper Back Massage

    Place the foam roller beneath the shoulder blades. Support the head with the hands and keep the knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
    Use the feet to control the motion and pressure and start rolling toward the head, pausing at any sore spots. Roll back down to the mid-back and repeat.

    The spokesman for TLV Fitness was thrilled about the exercise program for cyclists with the foam roller on Amazon, saying "The deep soreness that you may experience after a long bicycle ride is from lactate buildup in your muscle tissues. Lactate is a byproduct of glucose breakdown in your muscles, so incorporating this exercise program before and after cycling can not only improve your performance but enhance your overall cycling experience."

    The TLV Fitness Foam roller is highly rated and available at Amazon is the largest on-line retailer in the world, providing a safe market place and serving millions of customers. The Foam roller has received 5 star reviews and high satisfaction rating by its customers.

    The foam roller is currently on sale on Amazon and 50% off the original price.

    About TLV Fitness

    TLV Fitness is a specialist company focused on inspiring people to Transform the way they feel and empower lasting change through their range of fitness products.

    Maria Harper
    011-44-207 5107357

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 09, 2015 ) Las Vegas, NV -- Keshima, the beauty brand of Better Living Solutions LLC, recently released special discount coupon codes distributed to give consumers bigger discount rates in time for the Mother's Day celebration. Today, the company, through its brand co-founder, Myriam Maon, reiterated that the given coupon codes are still accepted as of this release.

    "The discount coupon with code MOMSDAY15 will bring all our beauty products, inclusive of professional quality makeup brushes and makeup brushes set plus our premium anti aging skin firming creams to 20% added price cut. This is over and above the regular discount rates we have been offering," announced by Maon. "It also follows that the same code will entitle interested buyers to a maximum savings of 75%. They may use the code until midnight of the Mother's Day itself, the 10th of May, 2015."

    Keshima offers a wide variety of full-sized professional quality makeup brushes. Among their most popular makeup brush is the flat top kabuki makeup brush which may serve as a face brush, blending brush, foundation brush and a buffing brush, all in one single tool.

    Other makeup brush types are also available including the blending brush, an eyeshadow brush, and the angled contour brush. These three also come as part of the brand's version of the top-5 must have makeup brushes set together with a powder brush and an eyeliner brush. The set also comes with an elegantly designed makeup brush holder that may also serve as a storage solution during travel or when the brushes are not in use. The recently released foundation brush, which is a dual ended brow brush and a spoolie brush, is also part of the promotion.

    All products from Keshima come with a 90-days full money back guarantee. Special gift wrapping service may also be arranged upon order.

    About Better Living Solutions, LLC

    Keshima is a new premium makeup brand by Better Living Solutions, a trusted company in business since 2007. Better Living Solutions is dedicated to creating products that will help people improve the quality of their life, and uses only carefully chosen, high quality materials for all of its lines. All Keshima products are subject to rigorous quality control standards and guaranteed to ensure customer satisfaction. More information about Keshima and the Keshima Must Have Makeup Brushes Set is available at:

    Myriam Maon
    (800) 476-1286

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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